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Before proceeding, please note: If you are not a current student of Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies, please do not include any information in this e-mail that you consider is or may be of a confidential, privileged or sensitive nature. Until you become our student or facilitator, we have no duty to keep confidential any of the information you provide. A relationship with Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies or any staff at the institute is not established until and unless Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies agrees to such a relationship as reflected in a separate writing.


Director's Welcome

Director In 2007, the Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development studies was set up to provide the foundation for building leaders who have the skills to execute the processes that drive National, Regional and Global change. We have a lofty mandate which we are passionate and committed to building – to strengthen the manpower base of institutions and relevant organizations through training, research and advocacy while providing an intellectual platform for peace, leadership and developmental discourse, and dissemination of ideas and research findings so as to generate critical thoughts and practical approaches to issues of policy and practice.

We believe that a country is only as good as her institutions. Institutions are only as good as its people. People are only as good as their training. Our mission is to change Nigeria by changing her leaders using all the tools available to us – our incredible faculty, our love for Nigeria, our passion for development and never ending toil for excellence.

We run three types of programs:

  • Masters Degree programs
  • Post-graduate Diploma Programs
  • Professional Certificate Courses

These programs are designed to be transformational. We do not just talk and read up old research. We combine classroom training with sessions in real life situations where leadership will be shown. Our approach to our curriculum is this –our research must set the standard for insight, ethics and relevance. Anything short of this is not up to the ideals of the man for which our institution was named.

Our comprehensive approach provides hands-on teaching and newly learned skills are applied in the setting of an actual leadership environment. We dedicate ourselves to being different from other institutions through a practical and research oriented approach to our programs.

We are committed to excellence in all our programs. Skills learned during the program will prepare participants for excelling in the increasingly complex scenarios that challenge leaders in all fields.
As your training advances, so do you. And as you advance, so does your career.

We are blessed by the strong support we get from our Vice chancellor, and partners who share our passion to change the world, starting from where we stand.

With great potential beckoning, we urge you to join us on this exciting journey.