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Before proceeding, please note: If you are not a current student of Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies, please do not include any information in this e-mail that you consider is or may be of a confidential, privileged or sensitive nature. Until you become our student or facilitator, we have no duty to keep confidential any of the information you provide. A relationship with Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies or any staff at the institute is not established until and unless Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies agrees to such a relationship as reflected in a separate writing.


Programs Overview

Sultan maccido Institute is a specialised think tank and degree awarding institution of the University of Abuja. Our mandate is to drive research and critical thinking that will help policymakers and the public address critical issues relating to Peace, Leadership and the socio-economic development of Nigeria. This we do through providing analysis, recommendations and engaging the broader society to make Nigeria and the global community a better place going into the 21st century. We also undertake studies to address governance challenges while working with public sector institutions to improve the performance of the Nigerian government across a wide spectrum of issues throughout the 3 levels of government.

Without question, a lot of academic programs have been focused on awarding certificates, not by design, but because the process of education focuses too much on pedagology rather than in stimulating intellectual engagement in an environment that gives the student the ability to move from theory to execution.

This is the central distinctive feature of Sultan Maccido Institute - we educate for results. Every program is designed to facilitate execution oriented training and research. We commence this process at the admission stage - we admit only candidates who convince the admissions committee that they have the right intellectual curiosity to conduct deep research, as well as the integrity to put their theories to test in the real world. Thereafter we ensure that our candidates spend no less than a third of their time interning at leading public and private sector institutions where the theories they are taught will be utilised. There our candidates gather information, study systems and gain insight into the actual challenges of leadership for results.

Our Core Masters and Post Graduate Diploma Programs focus primarily on the fundamentals of Security, Peace, Leadership and Development which are at the core of our mandate.

The institute organises them on a continuing basis and constitute an abiding feature of the work of the Institute at all times. They comprise of modules that are central to Security, Peace, Leadership and Development. These are by their very nature essential to policy makers, professionals in the public service, and development practitioners who need insight to improve their job functions or career prospects.

Our programs are open to all, but we have a high bar for admissions. We particularly target professionals in Public sector employment as well as private sector employees and entrepreneurs who demonstrate the integrity, drive and intellectual robustness to become leaders in the technical and theoretic aspects of Peace, Security and Development.

Our Short Courses aims to contribute to the building of a critical mass of young professionals primarily in the private sector but also drawn from the public sector and civil society with a high level of drive in the areas of development studies. A strategic component of the short courses are the Institute’s training of participants in Data analysis and Decision making. We ensure that every graduate of our program have the skills to approach every project, decision or topic from the basis of facts, data and statistical analysis.

We are committed to excellence in all our programs. Skills learned during the program will prepare participants for excelling in the increasingly complex scenarios that challenge leaders in all fields. As your training advances, so do you. And as you advance, so does your career. Our ultimate goal is to create alumni that are world beaters, having the skills to generate ideas and turn them into solutions that benefit society. Leadership is the art of doing, so we train you to do.