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Before proceeding, please note: If you are not a current student of Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies, please do not include any information in this e-mail that you consider is or may be of a confidential, privileged or sensitive nature. Until you become our student or facilitator, we have no duty to keep confidential any of the information you provide. A relationship with Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies or any staff at the institute is not established until and unless Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies agrees to such a relationship as reflected in a separate writing.


The Vice Chancellor's Vision

Vice Chancellor's Message
Professor M. U. Adikwu, FAS, FPSN, FSTAN, MIPAN.

I have an objective to make the University of Abuja among the first 3 in Nigeria and among the first 10 in Africa and among the first 200 in the world. The University of Abuja is the image of the Federal Universities based on its strategic location at the Federal Capacity. In driving forward this will be our key message and we will drum this into the ears of the Federal Government.

All over the word institutions have contributed in policy making, shaping government decisions and driving economic growth. The Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace, Leadership and Development Studies is not an exception. The institute is poised to meet and address present day challenges of security, leadership and development by partnering with government, the corporate world, security agencies in areas of training and capacity development.

Under my watch, the Institute will develop a faculty with personnel that buy into the vision and mission of the University of Abuja at large. The Institute’s faculty will strive to build a generation of leaders, whose core focus and training will be peace and security, leadership and development. Like its counterparts around the world, the Institute will draw participants for its programs and short courses from all over the world with a focus and a mandate to build leaders for the next generation. The Institute has a target to redefine the field of research and human capital development not only in Nigeria but in Africa and the world at large.

Let all hands be applied diligently to the task at hand - creating leaders for enhancing peace, good governance and sustainable development.